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"On this night in Bethlehem, there is a LIGHT in Bethlehem!" 
on December 8 & , 6-9pm
LOCATED: 19682 Hill Rd, Saegertown

Join us for an interactive walk-through adventure, in the Little town
of Bethlehem, on that very first Christmas. 

A great time for family and churches in our community. 
There is no charge for this evening, but we will receive donations. 

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Meet street children, beggars and shepherds,

who were part of the first Christmas and have

their own stories to tell.  

Listen to the scribes who were busy documenting things that were going on that night, and realizing it

was foretold by God's prophets centuries earlier.    

Angels, inn-keepers and stable hands were there as the King of Kings and LIGHT of the world came to dwell among us. 

Meet Mary and Joseph, the young Mother and Father whom God was pleased to choose to parent the Son of God, as He would grow to become...

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Come meet the bakers, weavers, blacksmith and cobblers whose lives were very normal, until that night!  See the animals, smell the bread and taste the foods that would have been part of everyday life in that little town of Bethlehem. 

Join us in experiencing the wonder of that first Christmas on earth.  Celebrate the Son, receive the Gift, and you too will leave with

this message:

"On this night in Bethlehem,

there is a LIGHT in Bethlehem..."

and perhaps in your own heart as well. 

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